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Pixel U helps thousands of Photographers and creative people just like you around the world…

“I have loved my subscription to Pixel U! I have learned so much from the videos and tutorials.

Even in subjects I thought I knew, I find myself learning something I didn’t know.

I would recommend a subscription to photographers at all levels!”

“I discovered in 2009 and I was hooked. I have used my “eStudio” as an extra offering for my photography work since purchasing my first Photobacks package. I LOVE them!

Last year in July I signed up for Photobacks Pixel U and WOW! I LOVE the webinars and screencasts and being able to access the content anytime. I replay the lessons anytime I need to learn something or refresh my skills. I have even incorporated the regular webinars into my day job development plan.

The instructors are great and Evan does such a great job of making everyone feel comfortable and a part of the webinar.”

“I love Photobacks! I’ve been using Photoshop since V 4.5 to edit photos, so I know a lot about PS.

In the early days I depended on books, and then as a Photoshop user became a member of an organization just to receive a magazine full of very useful information. Eventually my workflow became pretty sound as I learned non-destructive editing.

The reason I love Photobacks (and am very excited about Pixel U), is my workflow is becoming even more fined tuned, and my editing speed has increased with better results. I think it’s the best PS tutorial website on the internet.”

“I would watch people work in Photoshop and think, I’ll never be able to do that! But Photobacks changed my life and my business! What I once thought I couldn’t do, I’m amazed that I can do now!

They make it so clear and so easy and so fun that anyone could do this.  Believe it and believe in yourself. I know Evan has mentioned people in the group that are 92 years old and some who are just starting at 22…

This is about taking your photography and images to the next level in a real world way no matter where you start.”

“I was fairly new to Photoshop when I joined Pixel U. I was looking for something to help me get started, learn tips and tricks about the software and learn to use all my Photobacks templates to their full potential. I have to say that I have learned so much from these videos. Each one is a very well done guide and I’m so glad that I can revisit each session for a refresher as needed.

If you are serious about learning to edit photos in the most professional way then I highly recommend Pixel U.”

“In all honesty, when I first clicked on the Photobacks link from Facebook, I didn’t think I would find much benefit for my photography / Photoshop work. I wasn’t in need of Digital Backdrops. Boy was I wrong!

Photobacks tutorials, webinars, Screencasts and video guides are incredibly awesome!

I love how user friendly the products are but what I have enjoyed most are all of the tutorials. They are short, sweet and to the point! For example, I’ve always struggled with using the “select and mask” feature in Photoshop until I tried the Photobacks method! Let me tell you, it WORKS!

The webinars with Dave Cross, Bret Malley, Viktor Fejes and Matt Kloskowski are brilliant and cover things I haven’t seen in other training sites! If you are looking for quick solutions to your everyday Photoshop questions, don’t hesitate to join Evan and his group! You won’t regret your purchase!

Thanks for a great site and service!”

“I started watching the webinars in early 2016 and became a Pixel U subscriber a year later, locking in at under $50 a year!

With rare exception, I have attended all the webinars, learning new things every time, without fail.

As a Photoshop / Lightroom power user, I fully realize there’s still so much to learn and Photobacks is one of my top Go-To resources for tools and techniques.

I highly recommend Photobacks if you want to become a Photoshop rockstar!

I’m looking forward to what Evan and the crew at the new Pixel U will bring to the table!”

“I’ve found Photobacks Pixel U to be very helpful both for inspiration as well as refresher tutorials of the packages I purchase.

Often I will have been using one of the packages or templates and just for fun I’ll go back and review the tutorial which generally teaches me something more that I missed in earlier viewing.

I find Pixel U to be one of the most helpful tools I use.”

“I am so glad I found Photobacks. It has allowed me to transform my portrait photography business.

The Photobacks Control plugin makes customization extremely easy, so easy I use it even when I’m not using a Photobacks product.

But the real bonus I got with Photobacks is all of the fantastic professional instructional videos you have access to when you get Pixel U.

This is not some hack on YouTube trying to tell you how to cut something out of a picture. This is truly professional step by step Photoshop training you can’t get anywhere else for this price.

One of the best sources for instructional videos on subjects I need that I have ever found.

I am in no way associated with Photobacks. I am just a customer that truly likes their products and their training.

I also enjoy the enthusiasm that Evan Michael puts into every video and webcast that he does. Everyone should love their job as much as him.”

“Hi Photobacks Team,

I signed up for a webinar from Facebook on how to replace backgrounds in any photo. As a real estate professional, I am always wanting to have a better looking sky or removing an errant object from a listing photo. Also, extracting subjects for headshots is very useful.

I thought I would watch the webinar, fully expecting there would be many things to buy to make these things happen in Photoshop. To my surprise, it was taught in such a way that I had almost learned everything (I thought) needed to be able to achieve the results I wanted by the end of the webinar.

Because I learned so much in such a short time, I did sign up for the annual subscription at the end of the webinar. So excited I did!

Literally, in the first 24 hours of being a member, I saved (at least) the amount of the subscription in time saved (time=$) as well as editing fees. As I have dug deeper I am amazed at what I have learned in only 2 weeks.

Added bonus: I am having FUN with Photoshop. Thanks so much for making it easy and fun to learn Photoshop!”

“I had been trying to learn this stuff on my own for many years… I watched every video on YouTube and even bought courses on other sites. But it wasn’t until I found Photobacks and started learning from these guys that I learned what I was really missing out on.

They figure out how to do things right and different and with such ease…and then teach it to you. You just can’t find this stuff anywhere else.  I’ve come to realize that the best people with the best information don’t have time to go on YouTube and share for free.  The best people are busy working, teaching, writing books and getting paid! Haha!

Honestly, I’d pay a lot more for access to this site, but these guys seem to care more about helping people than getting every last dollar out of your pocket.

Really for what they’re asking to get in, I’d lock it in now. You won’t be sorry. You’d have to pay thousands to get this stuff anywhere else. The access is that good.”

“I have been a member of Photobacks Backstage (now Pixel U) since 2014.

I love their products, but just as importantly, I love all of the classes I get to take that are included with my subscription. They have many guest instructors, and keep expanding the list to get more and more photography experts instructing us.

Whenever I am “stuck” editing a photo, I can find a helpful video from Photobacks to get me through it. The best part is I can watch it again, and again!

Highly recommend Photobacks and Pixel U.”

“I’ve used Photobacks products for ten years and have been a member for almost as long.

The videos are top-notch, with easy-to-understand and interesting content that holds my attention.

One of the best innovations was the development of Photobacks Control which has streamlined the process of placing an image in a template.”

“I have loved this site since it was Backstage [now Pixel U]. I can’t believe the way it has grown over the years, but with this latest update to Pixel U it’s amazing.

You would pay more on one class (not as in-depth and easy to follow as Pixel U classes) somewhere else for the price of a one year membership. The instructors that do the webinars are amazing. (I have paid for a few classes on a different site, so I know what I’m talking about when it comes to the people that do the webinars).

The free items that are included with your subscription is worth the price of admission, and they just keep adding free stuff. It’s a crazy deal. LOL! But most of all the customer support from Photobacks is AMAZING!!!

I would recommend this site and Pixel U to anyone I know.”

“I only recently signed up as a Photobacks subscriber, and I’m so glad that I did! The tutorials are relevant, easy to follow, and thorough.

The value I’ve received from my subscription already far exceeds the subscription cost.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

After I join, how do I get all of this?

After you subscribe, you will see a Pixel U Members Area link prominently displayed on the main page of your My Photobacks account. This link will take you to the main members only area of Pixel U, where you’ll be able to get everything noted above!

How will I know when new content and updates are added to Pixel U?

As a Pixel U subscriber, you will be added to a special “subscriber only” email list that will notify you when new content is added or when live webinars are ahead, so you’ll never miss out!

Can I watch Pixel U videos on my mobile phone or iPad?

Yes, you can access Pixel U from any desktop computer, laptop or any web browser on any mobile device. Simply go to your My Photobacks account at, enter Pixel U, and watch the videos in full screen high definition. Some users enjoy watching the videos on their iPad, for example, placing it by their computer monitor while working in Photoshop.

Can I watch any Pixel U content on YouTube or anywhere else?

No, all Pixel U content is exclusive to and is not available anywhere else.

Can I download videos from Pixel U, or do I need to be online to watch?

To protect the Pixel U content, you will need to be online and logged in when viewing the included videos.

Will my subscription price ever increase?

The day you subscribe to Pixel U, you lock in your subscription rate. Then, as long as you do not cancel auto-renew, you will never pay more per year for your subscription! This means, even as the value increases and we raise our subscription price (which we’ve done in the past), you will be locked in and never pay more!

Does my Pixel U subscription automatically renew after a year?

Your subscription will automatically renew, unless you click CANCEL from your My Photobacks account, under My Subscription. If you cancel at anytime, you will still have access to Pixel U for the remaining time you purchased, however your subscription will not automatically renew once that time has expired.

Can I keep the downloads available with a subscription if I cancel?

Yes, you can! Any downloadable content we offer with a Pixel U subscription is yours to keep, even if you decide to cancel your subscription. Note, if you cancel, you will no longer have access to the files online or any updates in Pixel U.

What is "Photobacks TV" or "Backstage?"

When we first started teaching with live webinars, we called this Photobacks Backstage — sort of a behind the scenes of our best tips and tricks. As we grew and brought in more Featured Presenters and did more webinars, Photobacks TV was a more fitting name.  But over the years, we’ve continued to expand our offerings and outgrew the name “Photobacks TV.”  Thus, it’s now Pixel U, which includes everything from Photobacks TV, but now much more!

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