Expand your sports photography offerings like never before with Photobacks Sports Package 2! This complete photography design package for Photoshop includes hundreds of Templates, Digital Backgrounds, Textures, Fonts and more to easily and quickly create the most amazing, professional quality sports images in seconds for any size print or online display! Plus, our included expert Video Guide for Photoshop will guide you every step of the way!


All files are compatible with Windows and Mac. Completed images can be printed at any lab or shared online. For use of this entire package, any version of Adobe Photoshop CC, CS2 and higher, or Elements 7 and higher software is required and not included.  Adobe Photoshop CS5 and higher or Elements 11 and higher is recommended. If you do not have a required version of Adobe Photoshop software as noted, please contact us before purchasing. The Photobacks Sports Package 2 is available via download.

Portrait & Poster Templates (for Extracted Subjects)

Better than ever before, make any athlete look like a superstar with outstanding, professional quality, fully layered and customizable Photoshop templates. Extract your subjects from any photo and add them to these detailed templates for instant excitement for any sport! Exclusive Photoshop video tutorials demonstrate multiple extraction techniques for any photo, as noted below. Easily create high-end player posters, portraits, photo book pages and much more! Quickly edit all text, colors and design elements as desired to match your photos perfectly!

20 Photoshop Templates (.psd), 8×10 inch format @ 300 dpi.

Portrait & Poster Templates (with Photo Masks)

Easily add your photos to these striking sports templates to create instant photographic masterpieces! Easily customize and personalize for any athlete in Photoshop! Perfect for portraits, posters, social media, portfolios and much more! All fonts shown in all sample images are included with this package, as noted below, along with the Photobacks Control plug-in for Photoshop to easily add your photos to all Photobacks templates.

10 Photoshop Templates (.psd), 8×10 inch format @ 300 dpi.

Team Banner Templates

Offer a popular way to get the whole team involved, as well as share their team schedule, with these beautiful, exceptional, wide-format templates! Add athlete names, logos and more to create the perfect display for print or online! Edit all text and colors to match any team perfectly!

5 Photoshop Templates (.psd), 1x 10×20 inch format, 2x 18×12 inch format, 2x 12×15 inch format, all @ 300 dpi.

Multi-Photo Templates

Highlight super athletes with a rewarding Multi-Photo template! Create player plaques, year book pages, team portfolios, posters, website graphics and much more!

6 Photoshop Templates (.psd), 8×10 inch format @ 300 dpi.

Memory Mate Templates

Showcase a player and their team with these beautiful Memory Mate templates! Perfect for any sport or activity! Easily edit all text, colors and layered design elements as desired. Add team logos, additional background photos, design elements, celebratory images and more, along with a highlighted image. These are a “must-have” sports standard for any team!

30 Photoshop Templates (.psd), 8×10 inch format @ 300 dpi.

Magazine Cover Templates

Everyone wants to be on the cover of a magazine, and now you can make their dreams come true! Enjoy these perfectly styled parody Magazine Cover templates, resembling covers straight from the news stands! Fully layered and customizable in Photoshop. Change all text, titles, fonts and colors with ease!

5 Photoshop Templates (.psd), 8×10 inch format @ 300 dpi. Note: Photobacks, LLC does not endorse the use or sale of these parody templates to pass as any official or affiliated magazine.

Digital Backgrounds

Get even more creative with your athletes and create outstanding images with these striking digital backgrounds! Enjoy this large collection of ready-to-go backgrounds, perfect for any project! Plus, our exclusive, step-by-step and complete Video Guide to Background Removal and Replacement in Photoshop, as shown below!

30 Digital Backgrounds (single layer .tif), 8×10 inch format @ 300 dpi.

Sports Design Elements

Add these additional sports design elements to any template or image with ease to instantly enhance or modify any template for any sport! All elements include transparent backgrounds, so no additional background extraction is required! Video tutorial included in the Sports 2 Video Guide!

15 Images (.png) with transparent backgrounds, sized from 1014 px to 2634 px wide @ 300 dpi.

Trading Card Templates

Every athlete wants their own professional style trading card, and now you can make their dreams come true with the Photobacks Sports Package 2! Designed for use with any sport! Matching front and back card designs included. Easily edit stats, colors, add logos and more!

Front Side Designs

Back Side Designs

6 Photoshop Templates (.psd), 2.5×3.5 inch format @ 300 dpi.

Flyer Templates

The big game, event or party is ahead! Let everyone know with these exciting Flyer templates for Photoshop! Edit text and all details in seconds, then print or share online. Everyone will take notice!

3 Photoshop Templates (.psd), 8×10 inch format @ 300 dpi.

Magazine Layout Templates

Create the perfect portfolio, magazine, photo book and much more with these eye-catching two-page spread templates! Add your photos in seconds and tell the perfect story for any subject, team or photographer! Includes full ten-page layouts plus front and back cover designs in three unique preset styles!

Style #1

Style #2

Style #3

36 Photoshop Templates (.psd) in 18 two-page spreads (6 spreads per set), 8.5×11 inch format @ 300 dpi per page (17×11 inch @ 300 dpi spreads).

Marketing Kit Templates

Enjoy this complete photographer’s marketing kit with the Photobacks Sports Package 2! Includes every template you need to promote yourself and generate sales, including pricing guides, mini-session marketing boards, business cards, tri-fold brochures, rep cards and more! Edit all text, colors and design elements with ease. Add your own logo or use the preset design. Print at any lab or share online!

Flyer Templates

Rep Card Templates

Mini-Session Templates

Tri-fold Brochure Templates

Business Card Templates

Email Headers, Facebook Cover and Thank You Card Templates

15 Photoshop Templates (.psd) in various sizes @ 300 dpi.

Calendar Templates

Easily create custom sports calendars with these vibrant Photoshop templates! Includes two unique monthly layouts, allowing you to easily create calendars for any month of any year! Complete adjustment instructions included.

2 sets of 7 Photoshop Templates (.psd), 1x 8×10 inch format, 1x 10×10 inch format, all @ 300 dpi.

Event Ticket Templates

Create custom, professional quality event tickets with these Sports Package 2 templates! Or, use for party invites, promotional materials, bookmarks and more! Two unique layouts included, each in two sizes, plus backside designs. (Need help finding a lab to print? Just let us know!)

6 Photoshop Templates (.psd), 3x 2×5.5 inch format, 3x 2×8 inch format, all @ 300 dpi.

Motivational Templates

Easily create your own motivational images, showcasing any client or subject. Easily add your photos and edit all text. Print at any lab or share completed images online!

3 Photoshop Templates (.psd), 16×10 inch format @ 300 dpi.

Social Media Templates

Create custom social media posts, cover images and stories for yourself, clients, family or friends that will have everyone clicking “Like!” Simply save completed images as .jpg or .png files in Photoshop, upload, and share!

Post Templates

Instagram Story Templates

Facebook Cover Templates

14 Photoshop Templates (.psd), sized for social media posts, Facebook Covers, and Instagram Stories.

Font Collection

Photobacks Sports Package 2 includes commercial free fonts as shown in the sample images.  If you like the fonts used in the preset templates, simply install the included font files as needed.  Easy access to the fonts you may need.  All fonts are compatible with Windows and Mac.

10 commercial free Font sets with various styles included.

Video Guide: Sports Package 2

Enjoy an additional one hour and 10 minutes of Photoshop video tutorials with the Sports Package 2! While this package already includes our Complete Video Guide to Background Removal and Replacement, as shown below, along with our general Video Guides for Getting Started and Photobacks Control, we’ve added this additional dedicated Photoshop video guide working exclusively with the Sports Package 2! Learn from this complete video review, demonstrating how we created unique sample images showcased on this page, including our best tips and tricks for working with sports images, extracting subjects, making them pop and much more!

Watch samples from this Video Guide below!

Video Guide: Background Removal and Replacement in Photoshop

Access our complete 39 video tutorial guide for exclusive background extraction, replacement and adjustment techniques!  Plus, learn how to use Digital Backgrounds as overlays and textures to enhance any photo!  Enjoy Photoshop tips, tricks and the secrets to amazing, natural results!

You’ll learn exclusive techniques for making Selections, Masking, Fixing Edges and much more! See how any background can be extracted from any photo using any version of Photoshop!

Watch samples from this Video Guide below!

Photobacks Control

The exclusive Photobacks Control plug-in for Photoshop and Video Guide offers the best way to customize Photobacks templates, adding a new (collapsible) panel to your Photoshop  CC workspace (or Actions Panel for other versions of Photoshop). Photobacks Control allows you to quickly add photos to templates, change template colors to match photos and much more!

Watch samples from this Video Guide below!

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