Scary Textures Pack 2


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Scary Textures Pack 2

Stunning designs for texture effects, overlays and backgrounds for any print or online image. 20 finely detailed, high resolution, lossless .tiff files, 8×12 inch format @ 300 dpi, plus Photoshop Video Guide showcasing how to create sample effects!

See everything included below. All files are compatible with Windows and Mac and available via download. Completed images can be printed at any lab or shared digitally. For best use of this entire collection, any version of Adobe Photoshop software is recommended and not included.

Video Guide: Scary Textures Pack 2

Exclusive Video Guide showcasing how to create sample effects using Scary Textures Pack 2 in Photoshop.

Photobacks Control

The exclusive Photobacks Control plug-in for Photoshop and Video Guide offers the best way to customize Photobacks templates, adding a new (collapsible) panel to your Photoshop  CC workspace (or Actions Panel for other versions of Photoshop). Photobacks Control allows you to quickly add photos to templates, change template colors to match photos and much more!

Watch samples from this Video Guide below!