Actions Package


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Enjoy this incredible collection of Photoshop Actions only from Photobacks! Apply 55+ instant effects from 14 unique sets as shown below to enhance your photography in seconds and unleash the power of Photoshop!

  • Instantly apply amazing photo effects with the click of one button! Plus, run all actions in a set at once to easily preview and compare results!
  • User-friendly layer system allows you to easily adjust the impact level of any action with one slider, or apply an effect to particular areas of photos! Keeps an original photo layer and never hurts original photo quality!
  • Easy to understand action names for less confusing and faster workflow!
  • Only one action applied for results as shown! No need for mixing actions or running multiple actions for amazing results!
  • Works from inside ANY version of Photoshop CS, CC or Elements 7 and higher! No need to purchase, learn or run any additional software or plug-in!
  • Video tutorials included! Download today!

Photoshop Video Tutorials

The Photobacks Actions Package includes exclusive high resolution Photoshop video tutorials so you’ll know exactly how to work with the Actions to achieve the best results! We explain step-by-step! Videos apply to any version of Photoshop CC, CS or Elements 7 and higher, for Windows and Mac.


Cross Process

You could shoot film again and process it in a chemical solution intended for a different type of film for a really cool effect…or you could just use one of our actions in Photoshop! Enjoy five unique actions for amazing results!


Apply the most requested photography effects in seconds with this incredible set of five unique vintage actions!  Easily adjust the impact of any action for the perfect result with any photo!

Color Gels

A digital way to add a perfect color gel in your Photoshop post processing.  These five amazing color effects will quickly become your favorite Photobacks Photoshop Actions!

Fading Colors

With a simple click of the mouse, you can make any photo look perfectly aged with these fading color actions.  Enjoy four unique actions and find the one that’s just right for your photo!

Cooler Colors

Cooler colors can lead to cooler photos! Create amazing cool tones with the click of just one button for a striking effect on any photo. Set includes three unique “cooler” actions.

Cream Tones

Sometimes regular black and white just isn’t good enough…and that’s why we have “cream tones!”  Add this off-white mixed with black, brown or blue for beautiful results in a second!

Softer Effects

Some photos deserve a softer touch, so these two unique Photoshop actions will provide just that! They’re perfect for babies, fashion, wedding and much more!

Grunge Color

The first step in creating a really cool grungy photo is getting that grunge color just right.  These two actions will do just that with the click of a button!  Run both actions in the set to see both light and dark grunge effects!

Black & White

Black and white doesn’t have to be just a desaturation of color.  These four unique actions will create instant, dramatic black and white effects using any photo!

Photography Styles

One click is all you need to apply two of the most popular photography styles to any photo!  Enjoy two actions to reproduce different Lomo Art Effects and one action for the Orton Effect!

Add Light

Sometimes you need the perfect light, but you just don’t have it! Well, don’t lose that perfect shot!  Take back control with these four awesome actions and add the perfect amount of light to any image!


Sepia toning is one of the most beautiful effects you can apply to a photo, giving your image a warmer tone than straight black and white, truly enhancing the visual.  These four Photobacks sepia actions are sure to delight!


Apply a splash of America to any photo!  Perfect for the holidays or anyone who loves the red, white and blue!  One click is all you need and your photo will be instantly transformed into an American classic!


Need a quick fix, color boost, border or vignette?  These actions will do the trick!  Like all of our actions, easily adjust the impact of each effect with a single slider!  White/black border actions included, plus video tutorials!