Photo Logo Kit




Automatically add your logo or watermark to any image, or thousands of images, with one-click in Photoshop or Lightroom. Plus, easily create an amazing, custom photo logo in Photoshop from the included templates — or use your own.

See everything included below. All files are compatible with Windows and Mac. For use of this entire kit, Adobe Photoshop CC or higher or Photoshop CS3 or higher is required and not included. Photoshop Elements 11 and higher can be used, however not all kit features are available in Elements as noted below. If you do not have one of the required versions of Adobe Photoshop software as noted, please contact us before purchasing. This product is available via download.

Protect your images! Never share your photos without a photo logo again!

With the Photobacks Photo Logo Kit, it takes just one-click in Photoshop to add your logo or watermark to any image — or thousands of images at once* — with the option to export downsized copies of your images with your photo logo applied, making them instantly ready to safely share online or with clients. (You can use Lightroom as well.)

Automatically add your logo to any area of your photo with a preset or custom placement, set to any size, color or style.* You can use any logo, graphic, image, text or symbol (such as the included copyright symbol), including transparent layers. Once installed, you’ll always be just one-click away from adding and/or exporting any image with your photo logo applied.

* Feature requires Photoshop CC, CS or Lightroom.

Don’t have a photo logo? Create one in seconds with the included templates!

The Photobacks Photo Logo Kit includes 27 unique and exclusive signature style photo logo templates. Each template is fully layered and completely customizable with preset text and adjustment layers to make it easier than ever to create an amazing, professional photo logo in seconds, as shown in the included video guide. 26 commercial free fonts used below are included!

Easily create an amazing logo using one of the templates included above or use your own! All templates are fully customizable and scalable to any size without any loss of quality for any image. Simply double-click a text layer and type in your name or any text you want to share. Plus, you can add additional text layers as desired, such as your website, date or copyright.

Plus! Limited
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Get 5 More BONUS Templates and Fonts FREE!

Want to use your actual signature? Just take a photo of it!

Simply write your signature on a piece of paper, take a photo of it and open the image in Photoshop. The Photo Logo Kit will do the rest!

No scanner or tablet required! You can even use your mobile phone to quickly take a photo of whatever you write!

“I put my photo logo on every image I share online or email to a client. I never used to but now I can’t imagine not adding my logo. It not only marks my images automatically crediting me for my work, but it looks really professional as well, like an artist signing a painting.”

– M. Rourke, Photographer

Watch the Photo Logo Kit in Action! Complete Video Guide included!

For Photoshop CC, CS and Elements — from downloading the install files to batch exporting your images* with your photo logo applied using Photoshop or Lightroom — our complete video guide included with the Photo Logo Kit will help you every step of the way! Watch a sample demonstration below!

Video above is for demonstration purposes only. The included video guide is narrated step-by-step. Note: you can easily reset the “auto-placement size” of your logo anytime for any image size.

* Batch processing of images requires Photoshop CC, CS or Lightroom.


What version of Photoshop does the Photo Logo Kit require?

In order to use the entire Photo Logo Kit, you will need any version of Adobe Photoshop CC, or Photoshop CS3 or higher. The Photo Logo Kit can be used with Photoshop Elements 11 and higher, though some features are not available as noted above. If you have any questions about your version of Photoshop, please let us know.

Can I use my own logo file that I made or purchased somewhere else?

Yes! Basically, instead of creating a new logo with one of our templates, you’ll simply tell Photoshop to use your own logo file. This is done when clicking the “Place” setting, as shown in the included video guide. All aspects of applying your logo to your images will be the same, whether you use our templates or your own logo file.

If I use your template to create my logo, do I own my new logo and its copyright?

Yes. Once you create your own logo, that logo is yours. We are simply giving you the “hammer and nails” to create a stunning logo everyone will love!

I'm not a Photoshop "expert" I going to be able to use this?

Yes! We have made this as easy as possible to use, while still providing advanced features and settings. But first, no matter your skill level in Photoshop, you’re going to want to watch the entire video guide included with the Photo Logo Kit. This guide covers all of the settings you need to know before getting started.

Can I change the size of the exported images with my logo applied?

Yes. There is a setting for Export Size. This setting will allow you to instantly export and save copies of your images with your logo applied at any size you want. This allows you to easily share “downsized” copies of your images with your clients or online, not only with your logo applied, but without sharing the full-size image.

Can I batch process thousands of images with my logo at once?

Yes. (This feature requires Photoshop CC, CS or Lightroom.) You can batch process any number of images you choose. As shown in the included video guide, you simply tell Photoshop which folder of images you want to use, as well as where to export the copies with your logo applied. You then click OK and go grab a cup of coffee. When you come back, you’ll have copies of your images with your logo applied, ready to go.

Can my photo logo be a mix of transparent and opaque layers?

Yes. When placing your logo on your images, the Photo Logo Kit will recognize transparent (or partially transparent) layers, so you can create any logo you like. You’ll note in the sample video demonstration above, the “background” layer of the logo template is turned off before saving, leaving a transparent layer behind the photographer’s name, so only the name is seen when the logo is placed on an image.

Can I put my logo on any size image?

Yes. Our templates include scalable text layers with no loss of quality upon enlargement. Initially, you will create the logo at a very large size, so you can downsize it upon placement on a photo. Our templates are preset to 4000 pixels wide, however you can enlarge them with no loss of quality if needed.

Do I have to export a copy of my image every time I add my logo?

No. There are several options in the Photo Logo Kit. They include: 1) adding your logo to the open image [without saving or closing automatically], 2) adding your logo watermark (50% opacity) to the open image [without saving or closing automatically], 3) exporting the open image as a downsized copy with your logo applied, 4) exporting the open image as a downsized copy with your logo watermark applied, and 5) batch processing multiple images at once using option 3 or 4 above.

Were all of the logos shown on this page created with the Photo Logo Kit?

Yes. All of the logos shown here were created (in seconds) with the templates included in the Photo Logo Kit! You can easily create your own custom logo or watermark, adding any extra lines of text, images, symbols or transparencies you desire.

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