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Enjoy ongoing installments of unique online video training and education, focusing on all aspects of your photography, including image editing in Photoshop and Lightroom, workflow, camera technique, lighting, Photobacks design resources and more, only available to Backstage pass holders! See everything included with your pass below!

A Real World Educational Journey into Photography and Editing.

As a Backstage pass holder, you’ll have the unique opportunity to watch Ian Spanier, an award-winning full-time photographer, author and educator, as he works in Photoshop and Lightroom and explains his editing process and workflow.  He’ll share his top tips and tricks, focusing on real world photo edits for amazing results, as well as lighting, camera technique, equipment and more. Plus, Ian will host live webinars, question and answer sessions and review pass holder images and portfolios. His live sessions will also be recorded and added to Backstage for your anytime review.

Meet Ian

Ian Spanier’s interest in photography began at age six, when his parents gave him his first camera. Today, he’s as comfortable in the studio with celebrities as he is on the edge of a cliff, facing any challenge he’s presented. His love for photography has even brought him into shark cages in South Africa, face to face with great whites! He continues to shoot on assignment in any location accessible…by plane, train, car, horse, camel or mule!

Ian is a published author, currently enjoying critical acclaim for his most recent book, “Local Heroes: Portraits of America’s Volunteer Fire Fighters.” He is also a member of Lowepro’s Loweprofessionals Team, Photoflex’s Pro Team, Imagenomic’s featured photographer list and a brand ambassador for Hoodman USA.

Ian is a regular award recipient of major photo competitions, including American Photography, SPD, The International Color Awards, The International Black & White Spider Awards, PDN’s World in Focus, Best of ASMP, Planet Magazine and Seeing the Light…just to name a few!

Ian currently resides in Southern California with his wife and two sons.

“When working with photographers, creativity and talent are key. As important is a great attitude. Ian is incredibly talented, but that’s only part of the story. He delivers shots that defy expectations, he’s artistic, he’s flexible to last minute changes and he always has a solution to even the most vexing problem. My only issue with Ian is that the shots are all so good, it’s daunting for me to narrow down my choices.”

Victoria McKee Jaworski, Director of PR, General Cigar

New Backstage Program Guide

Exclusive video content only for Backstage pass holders with more programs coming soon!

Currently includes 90 episodes with 2 – 3 episodes added monthly. On demand access to all Photobacks webinar recordings, including new webinars hosted by Ian starting in June of 2016.

Currently includes 7 episodes with 2 – 3 episodes added monthly. From Ian’s screen to yours, watch as he takes you through his best editing sessions in Photoshop and Lightroom!

Currently includes 21 episodes with 2 – 3 episodes added monthly. Enjoy quick videos offering tips, tricks and hidden gems in Photoshop and Lightroom!

Currently includes 29 video tutorials. Enjoy this complete video guide to background extraction, replacement and adjustment techniques in Photoshop for amazing, natural results!

 Watch a sample

 Watch a sample

 Watch a sample

 Watch a sample

Access All Photobacks Webinar Recordings

Backstage pass holders also receive instant access to every Photobacks webinar recording since 2011, where Photobacks Lead Developer Evan Michael focuses on creative editing in Photoshop, using Photobacks templates, digital backgrounds, Actions, textures and more. Plus, new webinar recordings are added every month, including new webinars hosted by Ian Spanier starting in June of 2016.

While attending Evan’s live webinars are free, a Backstage pass allows you to review all past and future webinar recordings over and over again, even those you don’t attend live.

Video Guide to Digital Backdrops

Access our complete video tutorial guide including 29 video tutorials for incredible background extraction, replacement and adjustment techniques in Photoshop for amazing, natural results! Plus, learn how to use Digital Backdrops as overlays and textures to enhance any photo!

Watch and learn exclusive techniques for Selections, Masking and Refining Tools and see how any background can be extracted from any photo. You’ll also have access to our exclusive step-by-step methods for “Select and Mask” and Refine Edge* so you’ll never have to worry about wispy hair or tough edges again! Plus, learn to fix color spill, enhance skies, add floors and much more!

* Select and Mask / Refine Edge method requires Photoshop CS5, CS6, CC or Elements 11 and up.

All Past Photobacks Free Items

Once our limited time free items get replaced with new ones, the past free items go Backstage.  Pass holders enjoy exclusive access to all of the free items we’ve ever offered — currently about 110 Photoshop Templates and Digital Backgrounds for portraits, holidays, textures, multi-photo layouts and social media, now only available Backstage. Never miss another free item from Photobacks again!

New Backstage Resources

As video content and webinar sessions continue, exclusive resource materials will be made available for pass holders via download, including webinar notes, sample images and more! The first Backstage Resource is now available — Ian Spanier’s exclusive sharpening Photoshop Action, programmed with all of his steps to sharpen images in a clean, crisp manner with one click!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get a Backstage Pass?

If you love photography, photo editing, Photoshop, Lightroom or creative design, Photobacks Backstage gives you a unique opportunity to access ongoing, up-to-date installments of live and recorded video sessions, including those from a working, award-winning photographer, author and educator, Ian Spanier…who also happens to be an all around nice guy! Plus, you’ll have complete access to all Photobacks Webinar Recordings for creative editing with Photoshop and Photobacks design resources, all past free Photobacks downloads, our complete video guide to using digital backdrops, new Backstage downloadable resources and more! Think of Backstage as your online channel for up-to-date, real world photography training and educational content…for just the price of a (fancy) cup of coffee every month!

What happens after I get my Backstage Pass?

After you get a Backstage pass, you’ll see a Photobacks Backstage section prominently displayed on the main page of your My Photobacks account. There, click “Go Backstage Now” and you’ll get to the main page of the private Backstage area of our website. You’ll also note as a pass holder, a “Backstage” link will appear in the top menu bar of whenever you’re logged in, giving you easy access to go Backstage any time. On the main page of Backstage, you’ll be able to access different programs, downloadable content and special pass holder support forms.

Does my Backstage Pass automatically renew?

Your Backstage Pass will automatically renew, unless you cancel your subscription from your My Photobacks account, under My Subscriptions. If you cancel your pass at anytime, you will still have access to Backstage for the remaining time you purchased, however your pass will not automatically renew once that time has expired.

Note, you will receive an email when your pass renews or expires.

How will I know when new content is added to Backstage?

As a Backstage pass holder, you will be added to a special “subscriber only” email that will notify you when new content is added to Backstage, so you never miss what’s new and exciting!

How often is new content added to Backstage?

New content is added to Photobacks Backstage every month. Of course, when you first get your pass, you’ll have access to all of the content we’ve ever posted Backstage, including Ian’s initial recordings added when he joined Backstage in June of 2016. Then, you can expect to see 2 – 3 new recorded sessions from Ian every month averaging about 30 minutes each, 2 – 3 webinar recordings every month averaging about an hour each, quick tip videos and more! Plus, we have new programs, Q & A’s and more downloadable resources on the way! So, you’ll have a lot to review, including any program you may have missed in the past, as our content library continues to grow.

Can Backstage pass holders request topics for Ian to cover?

Yes, indeed! In fact, we have added a special Support section to the main page of Backstage where pass holders can easily send in topic requests to Ian and the Photobacks team. If there’s an aspect of photography you’d like to learn more about or something you’d like to hear Ian talk about, just let us know. We’re happy to take all feedback and create content that caters to the needs of Backstage pass holders.

Can I watch any of this on YouTube or anywhere else?

All Backstage content is exclusive to Backstage pass holders on and is not available anywhere else. While there are a lot of great videos on YouTube, it’s safe to assume professional, award-winning photographers don’t dedicate themselves to offering such video content for free as offered here in Backstage.

Can I download Backstage videos, or do I need to be online to watch?

In order to access Photobacks Backstage video content, you will need to be online, connected to the Internet. Similar to Netflix, the videos are easy to access for anytime viewing online on any computer or mobile device, but the programs can not be downloaded for offline viewing.

Can I watch Backstage videos on my mobile phone or iPad, etc?

Yes, you can access Backstage on your desktop computer, laptop or from the web browser on any mobile device, where you’ll easily be able to login and watch the videos in high definition in full screen. Some users enjoy watching the videos on their iPad, for example, placing it by their desktop computer monitor while working in Photoshop.

Can I keep the downloads from Backstage even if I let my pass expire?

Yes, you can! Any downloadable content we offer Backstage is yours to keep, even if you decide to cancel your subscription.

Do I use my My Photobacks account, or create a new account for Backstage?

You simply use your same My Photobacks account to purchase a pass and access Backstage, as well as any other products you’ve purchased from If you don’t have a My Photobacks account yet, you will create one upon purchasing your pass.

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