Become a Featured Presenter and Earn $350 per Webinar from Your Home or Office!

Join our growing list of industry experts who are contributing to Pixel U and earning $350 for an hour of their time from the comfort of their home or office!


You’re Invited! Become a Featured Presenter Today!

As a known presenter and educator in Photoshop and/or photography, we invite you to become a Featured Presenter at Pixel U, and instantly get paid to share your expertise with our growing and engaged audience!

What is Pixel U?

Pixel U is an online destination at that helps photographers of all skill levels truly master amazing image editing fast and easy like never before. This is accomplished by offering a unique online environment that includes exclusive live expert webinars from our invite-only Featured Presenters.

Pixel U (originally named Photobacks Backstage) was launched in 2011 and has evolved into a unique, valuable and respected training site for thousands of subscribers. was started in 2004 and has attracted an audience of hundreds of thousands, offering photo and design resources for Photoshop users around the world.

In general, Pixel U is similar to Creative Live™ or KelbyOne®, however our featured presenters do not create nor offer full courses or classes. Instead, Pixel U is focused on providing regularly scheduled live presentations (webinars) that are always current. In this way, Pixel U offers one-time sessions similar to Ted Talks or a regularly updated podcast.

Why become a Featured Presenter?

Get paid instantly for your expertise!
Pixel U Featured Presenters currently earn $350 USD per webinar presentation. Upon completion of a live session (same day), we simply click a button and the payment is sent directly to your bank (arrives in about 2 days). Set up is easy and you are paid regardless of attendees! Plus, as we grow, we plan to reward our best presenters! In the past year, we’ve already increased our base rate from $300 to $350 per webinar presentation!

It’s easy! We host, you present.
It’s easy and fun to be a Pixel U Featured Presenter. We take care of everything — you simply present during the session. We handle the webinar software, emails, registration, audience questions, etc. Plus, we “host” all sessions, so we are live online during the webinars with you, introducing you, taking questions, keeping time, etc. You don’t have to worry about any of the mechanics, attendee actions or “going solo.” Furthermore, Pixel U webinars are meant to be engaging, informative, current and fun.

 You can present from anywhere online!
Pixel U webinars do not require presenters to be in any specific location. Thus, you can share your computer screen from anywhere around the world! Since we take care of all technical aspects and “host” the live sessions, all you need is a computer, webcam, microphone and internet connection…and we’re ready to go!

Instant Exposure, Credit and Promotion!
Along with financial compensation, Pixel U brings featured presenters an instant audience with instant exposure, including the opportunity to promote personal websites, social media profiles and more, including links from and our social media sites. Pixel U and our related promotions are viewed by hundreds of thousands of people. Plus, as a featured presenter, you are publicly credited for your professional services and recognized skills.

 Opportunities to sell your own products!
Along with financial compensation for presenting at a webinar, featured presenters may also have the opportunity to sell their own products and services to the Pixel U and Photobacks general audience. As a featured presenter, you can build a great following of loyal viewers who may also desire your other work and services.

Enjoy and gain from the experience!
Aside from financial compensation, presenting online offers a unique opportunity to connect, engage and give to a large number of people. In essence, it’s not only fun and worthwhile, but it’s an experience that can help you remain current while growing as a teacher, presenter and person. We can also survey our audience for feedback as desired.

Frequently Asked Questions

What topics can presenters cover?

Presenters can cover any topic that highlights their skill set in regard to Photoshop, Lightroom, Photography and/or any current image editing software. Anything you can showcase, demonstrate or share from your computer screen is ideal. For example, you can work in Photoshop or speak from “Power Point” slides.

Content can be anything from beginner to advanced. Photobacks representatives are always happy to suggest topics to present.

You are not being asked to teach a course or run a class…nor share everything you’ve ever learned! Presentations are meant to be conversational, educational, current and fun, such as if you were teaching friends in a coffee shop.

Presenters should consider their experience and knowledge “advanced” regarding any topic they choose to present.

Some webinar topics in the past have included:
Mastering Textures in Photoshop to Create Powerful Images in Seconds
How and Why to Read Your Camera’s Histogram to Get Your Best Images
Create Outstanding Images in Photoshop with Adobe Camera Raw
How to Use the Lens Corrections Adjustment Panel in Lightroom to Take Your Images to the Next Level
5 Scenarios and How to Light Them All for Outstanding Photos
Creative Art in Photoshop: How to Create a Composite “Post Apocalyptic” Image and Demolished Buildings
Brushes and Photo Textures: How to Create a Mixed Media Aesthetic in Photoshop

How often and when would I need to present at a webinar?

At this time, live webinars are held once per week on average. Thus, four presenters may be selected during a given month. Typically, we would not feature the same presenter more than once during a given calendar month.

You are not obligated to present more than once at a time at Pixel U, however, we may beg to have you back!

Pixel U presenters have enormous flexibility when it comes to when they can present. Webinars can be presented any day of the week (typically weekdays) between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Presenters can request a time that suits their needs, normally without issue.

Obviously, with a live scheduled event, it’s best that presenters choose dates/times that they can confirm availability.

What do I need to be ready to present during a live webinar?

Presenters only need a computer, microphone, webcam and internet connection.

Pixel U uses GoToWebinar software to run its webinars, and thus, presenters simply need to log on about ten minutes prior to their session time, and we take care of the rest.

We do require a quick test run prior to your first presentation only, just to make sure everything is working on both ends. We also make sure you’re familiar with how to join in and present.

How long are Pixel U webinar presentations?

Webinars are about one hour long. The Pixel U host usually takes about 10 minutes to set the stage and go over any “housekeeping” notes before introducing the featured presenter. Plus, presenters should reserve about 10 minutes at the end of the webinar for audience questions. If possible, we ask that presenters login about ten minutes prior to the start time to confirm connection.

When I present, will someone from Pixel U be online with me, hosting the webinar?

Yes, a Pixel U representative will host and moderate the sessions. You will be introduced and present for about 45 minutes. Depending on the session topic and format, the host may interject with questions, as well as field questions from the audience.

Who can watch a Pixel U webinar?

Live webinar presentations may be offered to the general public for free (one time), while replays are provided to Pixel U subscribers only.

How is the recording of the webinar used after the live session?

Webinar recordings are only made available in the private, subscriber only Pixel U section of At times, for promotional consideration, recordings may be offered in part on other advertising channels, such as Facebook.

Webinar recordings are not made public on YouTube nor sold via any other media channel or website, or to any other company. Furthermore, Pixel U subscribers are not able (nor allowed) to download or share the videos.

How does Photobacks make money with Pixel U?

Photobacks offers subscriptions for access to all Pixel U content on, including exclusive training webinars, live Coaching Calls, session recordings, core training modules for multiple softwares and a huge selection of Photobacks photo and design resources.

How are Presenters promoted by Photobacks?

A featured presenter’s name, image and bio are shared with our general Photobacks audience of hundreds of thousands of people on, Facebook and other promotional channels combined. We often share the presenter’s website link, Facebook page, social media outlets and any other relevant links and information. Photobacks is committed to professional, positive promotions. Presenters are always welcome to work with us in regard to all things involving their name, image or likeness to make sure they are represented as desired.

Are featured presenters required to sign an agreement?

Photobacks, LLC provides an agreement for presenters to sign that basically outlines compensation, usage terms, use of name/likeness, confidentiality, etc. It is written clearly and straightforward so we’re all on the same page. It’s meant to equally protect the presenter as it does our company. There is no time based commitment required.

Want to be a Featured Presenter?

Excellent! Simply reply to the email invitation you received and let us know, as well as any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!