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Meet the Featured Presenters!

Evan Michael
Host, Head of Photobacks Team

Dave Cross
Photoshop Expert, Author

Website  |  Facebook  |  YouTube


Mike Hagen
Photographer, Author, Educator


Viktor Fejes
Retoucher, Head of GILD Studios

Facebook  |  YouTube  |  Website


Bret Malley
Photoshop Magician, Author

Website  |  Faceboook  |  YouTube

Ian Spanier
Expert Photographer, Author

Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Website

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I subscribe to Photobacks TV?

If you love photography, photo editing, Photoshop, Photobacks or creative design or editing, Photobacks TV is for you! You will have access to experts in the industry like never before…and you will learn more than you expect, no matter how much you already know! Enjoy original, up-to-date training from industry professionals, authors and award winners. Subscribers enjoy this exclusive video content, plus bonus downloads, our complete video guide to digital backdrops and more!

What happens after I subscribe to Photobacks TV?

After you subscribe, you will see a Photobacks TV link prominently displayed on the main page of your My Photobacks account. You’ll also note that the “Photobacks TV” link in the top menu bar of will direct you to Photobacks TV whenever you’re logged in, as opposed to the general sign up page. On the main page of Photobacks TV, you’ll be able to access different channels, downloadable content and more!

How will I know when new content is added to Photobacks TV?

As a Photobacks TV subscriber, you will be added to a special “subscriber only” email list that will notify you when new content is added or live webinars are ahead, so you’ll never miss what’s new!

Can I watch any Photobacks TV programs on YouTube or anywhere else?

All Photobacks TV content is exclusive to and is not available anywhere else.

Can I watch Photobacks TV on my mobile phone or iPad, etc?

Yes, you can access Photobacks TV from any desktop computer, laptop or any web browser on any mobile device. Simply go to and watch the videos in full screen high definition. Some users enjoy watching the videos on their iPad, for example, placing it by their computer monitor while working in Photoshop.

Will my subscription price ever increase?

The day you subscribe to Photobacks TV, you lock in your subscription rate. Then, as long as you do not cancel auto-renew, you will never pay more per year for your subscription! This means, even as the value increases and we raise our subscription price (which we’ve done in the past), you will be locked in and never pay more!

Does my Photobacks TV subscription automatically renew?

Your subscription will automatically renew, unless you cancel Auto-Renew from your My Photobacks account, under Subscriptions. If you cancel at anytime, you will still have access to Photobacks TV for the remaining time you purchased, however your subscription will not automatically renew once that time has expired.

Note, you will receive an email when your subscription renews or expires.

Can I download videos from Photobacks TV, or do I need to be online to watch?

In order to access Photobacks TV video content, you will need to be online, connected to the Internet. Similar to Netflix, the videos are easy to access for anytime viewing online on any computer or mobile device, but the programs can not be downloaded for offline viewing.

Can I keep the downloads available with a subscription if I cancel?

Yes, you can! Any downloadable content we offer with a Photobacks TV subscription is yours to keep, even if you decide to cancel your subscription.

Can I request a topic to be covered on Photobacks TV?

Yes, indeed! In fact, we have added a special support section to the main page of Photobacks TV  where you can easily send in topic requests to the Photobacks team. If there’s something you’d like to learn more about, just let us know! We’re happy to take all feedback and create content that caters to your needs.

Start Your 30-Day Risk-Free Trial Plus Get ALL of the Exclusive FREE Bonuses Now!